What is a tactical mobile laser tag experience really like?

Let’s start with what it’s not…

  1. It’s not just you running around tagging other people.  That’s indoor amusement center laser tag.  
    1. Our equipment is much more advanced (thus the term tactical–the taggers are made with military grade aluminum–not cheap plastic or rubber), but simple to use.  Each tagger has a trigger, a reload button, a button to review unit stats, an adjustable stock, a sensor (actual target other player must hit) and a red/green dot sight scope (necessary due the tight infrared beam technology that requires much more accuracy than common amusement center indoor equipment).
    2. Our laser tag adventures is more exciting, intense and strategic.  Game play is based on teamwork and team objectives.  You and your team will be given specific objectives and must work together to accomplish them, while also working to prevent the other team from achieving theirs. Our games promote strategy and teamwork, all while getting you off the couch and out of the house. Teenagers and young adults will relate to the experience as an immersive live-action video game.  Younger kids will think it’s just plain awesome.
  2. It’s not paintball.  While the game play can be very similar, there is no projectiles that make welts or bruises like in a paintball game (yeah–no pain, your gain).  No only is it safer without the projectile element, but it also doesn’t require any special equipment.  There is no burdensome vest, goggles or facemasks to wear.  The only requirement regarding a player’s outfit is a strict “closed-toe” shoe policy (for safety reason, especially with outdoor game play).
  3. It’s not just a kid’s game.  Tactical laser tag is so flexible (part of the innovation of the equipment and it’s programmability), we can accommodate birthday parties and the same day employ our equipment for the use of law enforcement training and conditioning exercises.  With the variation in each individual tagger settings, we can easily mixe adults alongside children and the children will have a level playing field.

At True Play Adventures, we strive to bring you a unique and physically entertaining experience that you’ll want to have again and again.  Check out some of videos here to get a better idea.

I’m not sure if this is age appropriate for my event, what ages is this best for?

The minimum age we will accommodate is 8 years old.  This limitation is a factor of the weight of our equipment (taggers weigh about 5lbs and for a 90 minute party can get too much for younger kids than 8yrs old), the shorter attention span of kids younger than 8, and liability issues as they relate to our insurance. Exception will be considered only in a situation of an 8 year party that may have 7 year old guests (we have a limited amount of lighter/smaller taggers that we would use in such an instance)… otherwise, we don’t want to risk anyone having an unpleasant experience.

Is it safe to play?

As mentioned above, there is no contact involved in laser tag (such as projectiles) and that includes contact with other players or their taggers (we have strict rules that our field marshal explains at each event and enforces if necessary).  There is no actual “laser” involved, but rather the equipment uses infrared beams (the same technology as your TV remote at home).  We inspect all playing areas at the time of the event for hazards, require players to use closed-toe shoes and suggest long pants for fields or wooded areas.  Our field marshal is CPR certified and keeps a close watch during game play that all players are following the safety rules and behaving appropriately. (Yeah, safety is important to us too.)

Where can you hold a laser tag event?

Tactical laser tag can be played indoors or outdoors.  The location needs to be arranged by the host of the party (True Play Adventures can assist with this, but there may be additional cost if public space require reservation fees–like the Abilene Zoo has a great facility right across from it and the Abilene State Park has tons of cool places to set up–but they will cost extra and those arrangement need to be made separately with the booking facility of your choice).  Other than at your place of residence or work, free venues to consider would be the many city parks Abilene has around town, your church gym, or a friends property outside of town.  Our standard bookings include bunker, but we can certainly adapt to other surroundings if those surroundings provide natural barriers.  

The size and limitations of the field of play are relative to the number of participants in a game.  For party sizes of 10 – 14 players, a field of play with bunkers would need to be roughly the size of a tennis court at minimum and a maximum of 60 x 90 feet (the less bunkers and the bigger the field quicker the player will get run down).   These size will increase portionally with the increase in players.  One of the advantages, however, is with our versatility, we can creatively use any indoor or outdoor environment to make a unique field of play (it doesn’t have to be a typical sports field configuration).
Again, we love the opportunity to get creative.  If you have gates on both sides of your back yard, the field of play can consume your entire residential lot.  Include your neighbors to play across multiple yards (and get them to share the cost too).  Combine parties with other parents and share the costs (we can split the check between parties for your convenience).

How many people can play at one time?

Currently, our armory is equipment with enough taggers for 40 player to play at one time.  Our packages, however, are geared around the optimal number of players for the most enjoyment (so, 10-12 for a small event or 24-26 for a larger group).

I see where some of you literature says an event is 90 minutes and some say 2 hours, which is it?

We guarantee 90 minutes of gaming time (5-10 minute games with 5-10 minute rest between-non stop gaming would require paramedics at all of our events and you don’t want to pay for that).  The extra 30 minutes is added for setup before and with certain types of events, we may even need to start set up an hour before the actual start time.  Please ensure your contact information is correct for the day of the event, in the unusual circumstance that we are late, we will add that time to the end of the event (but will keep you informed before such a circumstance like that arises).

A friend of mine was recently at one of your events and he said if we break your one of your $1200 taggers that we’d be responsible for replacing it, is that true?

Yes, our equipment is state of the art and therefore very expensive and we will not tolerate carelessness or abuse.  However, we offer an optional $50 equipment insurance fee at the time of the booking to cover accidental damage or loss (a single $50 fee covers all the taggers at the event and is not required as multiple times the number of taggers–it’s really worth it).

Do you rent out your equipment?

No, True Play brings the equipment and the personnel to run the game. Our field marshals will train the new recruits to use the equipment and the rules of the many games that we can play. The field marshal will direct the teams through the games and help motivate the teams. Your job is to have fun.

I see you require a 50% deposit to reserve a booking, what happens to my deposit if I have to cancel?

Deposits are non-refundable. Your deposit guarantees your reservation, without we will not hold a spot for anyone–we operate on a first come, first serve basis.  To avoid losing or forfeiting your deposit, you must notify us 14 days in advance of any changes to your booking.  If you provided us notice within 14 days in advance, you may apply your deposit to any future available date/time within the next two months.  Cancellations for any reason within less than 14 days of the event will result in a lost deposit.
The only exception to this policy is a weather delay. While our equipment can handle light or intermittent rain/snow, the party host can make the decision if raining or stormy weather dictates a postponement.  In these instances, we will work with you to reschedule the event (within the next two months at the most) or find an indoor venue. Communication is imperative to avoid a last minute weather communication, and so we will attempt to monitor forecasts the week of the scheduled event and if we anticipate a problem try to communicate with you 2-3 in advance to work out solutions.  

I live outside the Abilene city limits, do you all do parties outside Abilene?

Currently, our event coverage area without additional mileage fees is roughly a 45 mile radius around Abilene (cities included in this coverage area are Sweetwater, Stamford, Albany, Cisco, Cross Plains, Coleman and Winters).  We can travel outside our normal travel area, but there is a per mileage charge and potential other travel fees depending on how far the venue is located.  For the most accurate quote for an event outside our normal coverage area, give us a call.  Our online booking software is available only for the Abilene coverage area, so please call us before booking online if there is any question with regards to traveling beyond Abilene.

Do you only do private parties?

Heck, no!  

We do…

Fundraisers:  We will work with nonprofits to either profit share with a tournament format or if they have someone that would like to participate in a silent auction and would sponsor a laser tag event as a donation.  True Play Adventure is a tremendous attention-getter for any fundraiser or cause.  People take notice of a playing field and will often stop to find out more details.  We can help you with marketing your event or provide you with content to including in your advertising.


Corporate Team Building: We can create scenarios that requires teams to work together, create a plan and communicate as the play changes.  Sometime just the simple act of getting out there and having fun together is all the steam release that is needed to get your office running smoother.  True Play Adventures is a TEAM sport.
Municipal law enforcement or military training: While our focus real is on the entertainment aspect of our laser tag equipment, the equipment was originally engineered for military training is used Shepherds AFB in San Angelo and more recent Dyess AFB here in Abilene.

I have a question that isn’t in your aforementioned FAQs, what do I do?

Send an email to hunter@trueplayadventures or give us a call at 325-307-1152, we gladly discuss any concerns or questions you have that may not have been addressed at this website.